Our vision

Visitors often ask why we have geese for our school logo. We chose geese because of the way that they work together: when they are flying, when they are tired or injured, when they honk to encourage each other!


Sense of community

At Alexandra School we have a strong sense of community: we know that we can learn and achieve much more together than we can apart.

The geese have meaning for us and for the children here, as do our five Alexandra School values which underpin everything that we do:

  • Take care of others
  • Accept and give respect
  • Believe in the possibility and power of change
  • Take personal responsibility for your actions
  • Never tire of doing good

We strive to provide excellent teaching and learning support with all the necessary facilities and resources to ensure that children have the best possible chance of success in their school career. Pupils at Alexandra have opportunities to gain skills and knowledge across the curriculum, to develop self confidence and respect for others, to become independent at school and in the wider world.

Everyone goes above and beyond to make it such a great place to be

Alexandra School parent


Golden Rules

We believe that positive achievement and positive behaviour go hand in hand. We have clear rules, expectations and boundaries which we expect all children and adults to accept; we call them the Golden Rules. These rules are based on our school values and support the rights of children to be able to learn in an environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We display the Golden Rules in every classroom so that the whole school lives under the same umbrella of commonly held values.