School meals

We are pleased to be able to offer a balanced, varied and healthy range of lunches, cooked on site. If children choose to bring in a lunch from home instead, then we encourage healthy packed lunch choices.

  • Every day there is a choice of meals, including a vegetarian option and a range of salads
  • For dessert there is a fresh fruit selection and yoghurt
  • With water or milk to drink, the children have the opportunity to eat a healthy and child-friendly lunch

Please take a look at an example menu!

We encourage the children to try all sorts of interesting tastes and textures, including themed lunches to coincide with special festivals from many cultures. The menus are available on Fronter each week and often pupils will read them on a Monday and look forward to their favourites all week.

Staff and pupils eat together and the whole meal time is promoted as a social event as well as a learning time. Sometimes parents are lucky enough to be invited to join us for lunch!