These books have all been written by Margaret Goldthorpe with contributions from members of staff at Alexandra School.


Inventive Assemblies for Inclusive Schools

An assembly is a key time when a school gathers together as a community in all its diversity. This collection of 22 assemblies, often funny and always thought-provoking, will enable you to help others forge the sense of belonging that is crucial to a sense of inclusion.

Margaret and Dennis Goldthorpe have used their 32 years of teaching experience to create a collection of stimulating and delightful assemblies to help the adults and children in your school to accommodate all faiths and cultures and celebrate them equally. Each assembly includes a clear theme, preparation notes, a detailed script and a choice of a prayer or reflection. A hugely enjoyable resource to encourage all and include all.


Sharing Books for Social and Emotional Understanding

Stories are a powerful means to explore dilemmas and concerns that children encounter every day. In this insightful book, the authors take 21 of our most-loved and well-known picture books and explore how to share them effectively with children.

Each picture book covered has two sections of comprehensive guidance: one to be used at school and another to be used at home, including story details, talking points, ideas for activities, circle times and assemblies.

This innovative book explores such themes as healthy relationships, family life, making the right choices and coping with fears. Through engaging with wonderful stories and reflecting on the themes they cover, you will be helping the children you meet to understand and enjoy life more fully - to be changed for the better by each story you encounter together.




Assemblies to teach Golden Rules

Golden Rules are the basis for positive behaviour policies in many schools across the country - encouraging the positive reward for good behaviour rather than punishments for negative actions.

Now with this book full of dynamic, enthralling and fun assemblies, you can explore and develop the moral values behind the Golden Rules. Written by experienced assembly leaders, every one of the assemblies has been tried, tested and thoroughly enjoyed!


Effective IEPs through Circle Time

Practical, down-to-earth and honest, this book will show you how to write genuinely effective Individual Education Plans for your pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Jenny Mosley's Circle Time Model is a proven means of giving children a sense of ownership and responsibility for their behaviour and learning. In this unique book you will find how to use the Circle Time Model to involve the pupils and their classmates in creating and implementing IEPs that really make a difference.

Discover a wealth of strategies and support, not only for the child with difficulties, but for the pupils and teachers around them.



Poems for Circle Time and Literacy Hour

Saying goodbye to a parent, friendship, sharing, concentrating, bullying, school dinners, feeling left out and lonely, school trips;

All of these topics and more are covered in the 20 sensitive and humorous illustrated poems. This book is a timely and unique resource for teachers who want to teach both literacy and emotional literacy.

Jenny Mosley's tried and tested Quality Circle Time Model is an excellent way to help children understand and articulate their emotions. The poems contained in this book are ideal for use both in the context of a Literacy Hour and then later during Circle Time.



Stay Cool in School

This book is designed for use as part of the KS2 RE syllabus, but is also ideal for PSHE. It aims to give 7-11 year olds an understanding of the Christian religion through a practical and experiential exploration of the moral and spiritual issues raised in the New Testament Bible, especially the part usually called 'The Sermon on the Mount'.

The book does not require the children to have Christian beliefs. It aims to help children of all faiths and none to have a real understanding of the way Jesus of Nazereth said we should live.

Children are encouraged to consider the moral and ethical implications of Jesus' advice for their own lives. 14 issues are covered such as how we deal with peer pressure, learn to admit we were wrong, handle a desire to show off, or accept apologies with grace. The children are asked to think about making plans of action to manage these problems in the light of an increased understanding of their own behaviour. The wisdom from the Sermon on the Mount is on hand to guide them.



Lively Assemblies for Happy Schools

Assemblies can be times of excitement and inspiration for the whole school. This practical and accessible book shows you how to ensure that this vision of assemblies is a reality for your school.

Drawing on their 27 years of teaching experience, the authors have included 23 innovative and enjoyable assemblies to help adults and children to look at the world and think, 'What do we want the world to be like?'

A great way to promote a positive ethos in your school




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