Outreach is an important part of our commitment to providing inclusive education for children with SEND.

At Alexandra School we aim to provide an extensive outreach programme covering topics which are reflective of the pupil population here.


What we can provide

We can provide outreach in a variety of areas:

  • inclusion
  • supporting children with challenging behaviour
  • supporting children with ASD
  • supporting children with SEND in EYFS


​This outreach can take the form of:

  1. learning walks
  2. workshops
  3. twilight training
  4. bespoke support for staff working with individual children or small groups in other schools

We are able to work with individual members of staff, class teams or whole school teams.


We particularly welcome visits to classes in the form of learning walks, where visitors have the opportunity to see the provision at Alexandra and can talk with our staff about how to adapt what they have seen to their own settings.

If you are interested in outreach support from Alexandra School, please send us an email at outreach@alexandra-school.co.uk