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Welcome to the Summer 2008 edition of Newsline

Looking back over the year...

The end of a school year is incredibly  busy but it is also a time for reflection on what has been achieved. We have been proud of children who have accomplished so much in so many ways : — from playing sports, to learning to read, from staying away from Mum and Dad for the first time to managing a sharp temper in the playground. Particular congratulations go to our school prize winners whose names have to remain a secret until prize giving on Tuesday 22nd at school camp.

Teachers and support staff have worked so hard to throughout the year and I would like to thank them all for the creativity and enthusiasm  they bring to school every single day.

Dennis Goldthorpe


Ofsted rang right at the end of term giving us two working days notice of an inspection which took place on Monday 14th July. Thank you to parents and pupils for responding positively to Osted’s questions and a big thank you to the staff who worked very hard to demonstrate the school’s effectiveness.  As for the result;  the inspector has given us the top grade of Outstanding and agreed with one parent who wrote that “Alexandra is a fantastic school and my child has come on in leaps and bounds.”   You will receive the full report as soon as we are allowed to send it out.


Parents may not yet know that Dawn is leaving at the end of term.

Some people are the heart and soul of a school and if they leave, things are never quite the same. Dawn Price is in this category and when she goes to her new job at Holyport Manor School, she will leave behind a space which no single person could fill. Over the past 16 years Dawn has been the voice of the school on the phone and the friendly face in Reception. She is a can-do sort of person and whether the job was painting the walls or putting together the school’s budget of nearly 2 million pounds, we knew we could always rely on her.

Gwen Smith has left us to go back to university.

We have all been cheered up by Gwen’s non stop enthusiasm and we know she will become a great teacher.


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