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Quick Links : Hot News : Extra Curriculum Activities : Outreach : Meet the Staff : Happy Christmas


I have received a letter from David Bell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools.

He writes to inform us that on December 7th, he published his list of particularly successful schools and colleges. The schools on the list are those which were judged to be very or extremely effective in providing high quality education and ensuring that pupils achieve very well.

Alexandra School is included on the list !

We are all really pleased at this news – particularly since there are only other special schools in the whole country on the list.

It’s a tribute to the hard work and commitment of past and current staff and children

Well done to everyone!!


Extracurriculum Activities


All classes have had an opportunity to get back on the trampoline again this term and each bus group has had one after school session. We will be reviewing these arrangements and hope to continue to use the trampoline in the new year.

Parents group

18 parents came to a meeting of the parents group on the 18th October, some in the afternoon and others in the evening. We all agreed that it is good to have the opportunity to meet and talk together. Requests were made for workshops on helping children with reading, number activities and behaviour. There will be an opportunity to come in to school to meet your child’s teacher on January 26th and another Parent’s group meeting in the second half of the spring term. More details in January.

Lunchtime clubs

We have lunchtime clubs for Middle School children and for the oldest children in the First School. Everyone has the chance to attend a club of their choice.. This term’s clubs have been Bingo, Computer, Board games and Pokemon.

Classes came up with ideas for clubs this year and their views were given to Dave Smith by the School Council representative for each class. There will be different clubs next term.


Outreach from Alexandra

What is outreach?
Outreach is work carried out by staff at Alexandra
to support colleagues in mainstream schools.

Who does it?

Nicky Chance and Charlie Hayward are Advanced Skills Teachers, so they have a particular responsibility for outreach. However, as we are lucky at Alexandra to have such a talented teaching team, everyone is likely to get involved at some time during the year!

What outreach has taken place in this term?

  • Sue Stalley, our deputy head, and Nicky have led workshops on autism, in school and for the LEA.
  • Sue presented a seminar at the National DT show in Birmingham.
  • Chris Nash has led workshops for the LEA.
  • Perdy Buchanan-Barrow, our assistant head, and Charlie have led workshops on behaviour management, in school and for the LEA.
  • The whole school has been involved in a training course for mainstream Teaching Assistants.


Meet the Staff - Perdy Buchanan-Barrow

Alexandra School’s Assistant Headteacher takes time out of her busy schedule to answer M8’s 10 big questions.

Perdy drinks a lot of tea, like all teachers!
Surprise! Last year Perdy’s class held a bridal shower for her.

1. If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?
That’s a difficult one . . I’ll need to think about it. If it was a big win, I would buy a flat in London by the river. Then I would never have to get the tube home when I had been shopping or to the theatre. I must admit, I would probably be very boring and invest the rest.

2. What is your favourite children's book?
It is hard to choose just one book, it seems to change all the time. At the moment it is Slow Loris but I will probably have a new favourite by next term!

3. Which country would you most like to live in?
If I had to live anywhere other than England, I would move to
Boston in America. That is where my dad lives, not to mention all the great shops they have there!

4. Which film star would you most like to be?
Um . . .I’m not sure. . .I’d like to say Catherine Zeta Jones but not
if I have to be married to Michael Douglas!

5. What is your favourite film?
‘Hear my song‘. It is a really funny film that you might not have heard of. There is a particularly funny scene involving a cow and a well!

6. What car do you drive?
A silver Yaris, I love it!

7. Tell us something no one in school knows about you?
When I was little I played Mary in the school nativity play. My friend Lydia also wanted to be Mary and so she didn’t talk to me all Christmas!

8. When you were at school, what were you good at?
English, I especially enjoyed writing.

9. Have you got any unusual hobbies?
I make monsters out of socks! Sounds strange I know but they are really great, Charlie is getting one for Christmas.

10. Do you have any bad habits?
Yes, but none that I want printed! However, I will tell you that I tend to shout knickers when I am cross!

Reported by Spencer Cotterell, Sarah Waite and Ali Peter Suton.


Happy Christmas Everyone!

Our Christmas Concert will take place on December 14th at 1.30 and again at 6.30. We have a few more tickets available this year since our staged seating has been extended. If you have not reserved your place, or would like additional tickets, please contact the school as soon as possible.
Bring your completed Christmas quiz with you to the concerts– there will be prizes for the best entries. Also bring some money so that you can buy a 2005 Alexandra School mug or set of 3 mugs.

School closes for this Christmas break at 2.30 pm on Friday December 16th. The children are back for the new year on Wednesday January 4th.

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