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Welcome to the Summer 2016 edition of Newsline

School News

As we reach the end of a long and busy year, it is good to look back at some of the highlights:

Well Being and Just Giving Weeks

Following a half day training in which staff considered the physical, social, and emotional and spiritual benefits of making time for wellbeing, the children were taught about this in a focused week in the Spring term. Ofsted must have liked what they saw; when they visited later the same week, they agreed that Alexandra is an Outstanding place to come to school! The week was followed up with a focus on making a contribution to community in the schoolís Just Giving Week in the Summer term. This week was designed on the basis that for any person to truly grow, they must have opportunity to give to others, and to see the impact of what they give. Guided by Alexandra Staff, the children embraced this week. Some classes visited day care centres in Harrow, whilst others made gift boxes for refugee children stranded in parts of Europe.


The summer term tends to be full of sporting activity, and this year has been no exception. Some of our oldest children have sailed weekly at Rickmansworth Aquadrome, and a mixed age group of children represented Alexandra brilliantly at the Harrow all schools Borough Sports Event. None of this replaces Alexandra Sports week, the pinnacle of sporting achievement and participation. Capably lead by Camille and Daniel, all children from the school competed in a combination of track and field events, and celebrated their abilities together in a mixed age-phase multi-skills afternoon. A small group of children competed for the title of Alexandra Athlete of the Year at the end of this week, cheered on by the rest of the school. Danilo from Y5 emerged triumphant at the end of this competition; our congratulations go to him, and all of the other children who participated so well.

France and Y6 Leavers Assembly

A group of staff took 13 children to France this year for a week long school journey. As is ever the case, the children rose to the occasion magnificently. They coped with being away from home, and for some, this was the first time they had done this. The practised their French, bonded brilliantly, and together created memories of their time at Alexandra that will reach well into adulthood. Each year, we take huge pride in celebrating with the Year 6 children the journey they make in their time at the school. This year has been no exception. To hear all of the Year 6 reflect on their time at school, the challenges they have faced and overcome, was inspiring. We take this opportunity to wish them every success in their new schools.

Camp Week

This week was organised a little differently this year. Whilst all of the children ventured out in groups suitable to their own age phase, one of the joys of camp this year was the chance for all of the children to sleep overnight together, for the first time in years. This was made possible by sleeping at school this year. Singing around the camp fire whilst the sun set, an evening BBQ, a pitch of tents by the climbing frame, and pond-dipping in the nearby stream, were just some of the highlights of this yearís camp.

Music Tuition

At the suggestion of one of our families, we trialled 1:1 music tuition in school this year. Whilst music has always been a part of the culture at Alexandra school, instrumental tuition, for which families pay, was a bit of a departure. At the end of the year, the children performed some of their work in a showcase for the rest of the school. For some of the children, the mere act of performing took great courage. Their work was well received by all who watched them perform.

Pupil Achievement

The children have worked really hard this year. As a group, they have made Outstanding Progress in English and Maths. This is true of all age groups within the school. Many have met or exceeded the individual targets set for them at the start of the year. All children in the school made better progress in Science this year than last year. My thanks goes to the staff who have worked tirelessly to make this possible. My admiration goes to the children themselves.


You will know that the school Attendance target is 96%. The attendance figure for the year, up to the end of June, was 95.5%, putting the school very close to itís target. This is a great achievement, representing a huge commitment by many Alexandra families to send your children to school as much as possible. Thank you.
Sadly, this hasnít been maintained to the end of the year. The schoolís attendance figure for the last two weeks alone has dropped to just over 90%. This is a big drop in attendance, caused by the decision of some families to take their children out of school early. I want to remind all families of the importance of sending children to school for the whole of the school year, and of the dangers of making value judgements as to whether or not being in school for the end of term really matters. The 13 weeks of non-term time available each year is ample time for travel, and the seizing of other, non-curricular opportunities.

Staff Leavers

Itís not possible to build an Outstanding School without the commitment and dedication of a core of staff who are willing to contribute their professional energy for a sustained period of time. Suzy Lea and Clare Slack have, between them, given nearly 20 years of service to the children and families at Alexandra. For both of these staff, the time has come to move on to new challenges and opportunities. We shall miss them both very much, but send them on their way with gratitude for their diligent work, and very best wishes for the next chapter of their working lives.


On behalf of all the staff at Alexandra, I would like to wish you all a Summer full of adventure. We love to hear what the children have been up to. Please encourage them to write us a postcard and send it in to us at school. If we receive it, we promise to show it in one of the first assemblies of the new term.
We will see you all again on Friday 2nd September, 2016!
Best wishes



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