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Welcome to the Summer 2015 edition of Newsline

Alexandra School’s 40th Year! And what a year it was!

Here are a few of the highlights…

The trim trail was installed in October and has since become a firm favourite for break times, PE lessons and across the curriculum. Classes have even used it in their French and Maths lessons! Families will be able to try it out during the end-of-year BBQ on Friday 17th July.

Our production at the end of the Autumn was “The Story of Gary the Curious Sheep”, a Dan Egan original. All the children took part in some way, whether that was in the performance to staff and children from the other academy schools, or in the performances to parents. Who can forget them all singing their hearts out to “Let It Go”? And we all enjoyed delicious gingerbread sent in by families and raised money for Shelter.

In the Spring, Alexandra ran its first ever parenting course, led by Catherine Holdsworth and Jan Ahmad. This was well received by the parents who attended and we plan to repeat the course next year. We also ran our first Easter holiday club, organised by Sophia Gordon and building on the success of the 2014 summer club. We are fortunate to have a team of staff who are willing to work during the holidays to make this provision possible.

In the Summer, our focus moved outside. All the children were able to take part in Wild Wonder workshops, led by Iain Green, a renowned wildlife photographer. He also worked with the Family Learning group that had been organised by Nick White and Jo Ward during the term. All the children were also given the opportunity to stay away from home for at least a night. For the youngest children that was camping at school in the yurt, for years 3-5 there was camping at a scout campsite, and our Year 6 children had the opportunity to go to France.

Throughout the year, the children have worked hard, supported by the staff and by you, their parents and carers. Alexandra’s motto is “Learning Together”. We feel that this year has really shown the value of that shared approach and we are proud of the progress that the children have made as a result. This year 92% of the children met or exceeded their learning targets for Maths and English. An astounding 96% of children met or exceeded their reading target this year, which is definitely testament to the time spent at home sharing and reading books as a family. Over the summer, keep enjoying books with your child, read to them, read with them, listen to them read.

Have a great Summer! We look forward to seeing you all again for the start of a new term.

Perdy, Ivan and Catherine


Say Goodbye to...

We say good bye to twenty two children in Year 6, as they move on to secondary school. We also say goodbye to Daniel Schiele, who will be moving away from Harrow, and to Sadaf Qureshi, who is going to Woodlands. We wish our leavers luck and will miss them all.

We also say goodbye to some staff:

Debbie Brennan first worked at Alexandra as an LSA in 1996! She left us briefly to become a nursery manager, but then returned to Alexandra to train as a teacher. And we were very lucky she did, as she is an outstanding teacher. Debbie moves on to take up new challenges in a school nearer home.

Jo Watts has also been at Alexandra for a long time, since 2003. Like Debbie, she started as an LSA and leaves us as an outstanding teacher. But Jo won’t be moving far, as she will be taking up the role of Assistant Head of School at Pentland Field School in Ickenham. Pentland Field is also a member of the Eden Academy, so we expect to continue working with Jo in the future.

Grant Beckwith has worked with us for the last three years. For the first two he was an LSA, but this year he has been training as a teacher (and a brilliant one he has become!) He will be taking up his first teaching post at West Lodge School in Harrow.

Gemma Capper joined us in the autumn term as a supply LSA… and stayed! She has been a valued member of the Snow Geese team. The only reason we are letting her go is because she is leaving to train as a teacher (and a brilliant one she will be!)

Emma Ward has worked this year as an LSA in a few of our older classes, coming to rest in the Brecon Geese this term. She has boosted the music in school, leading the choir this term and accompanying the Year 6 children in their moving final assembly. Like Jo, she isn’t going far and will be working for Sunshine House School in Northwood next year.

We wish all of our leaving staff good luck for the future and thank them for everything they have done for the school.


Say Hello to...

Simone Wright has been teaching for a number of years at a main-stream school. She brings with her a lot of Key Stage 1 experience, and joins us to teach the Barnacle Geese. We are really pleased to welcome her to our team!

Noorhan Abdul Nabi has been an LSA at Alexandra but this year trained to be a teacher. And a brilliant one she has become! We are absolutely delighted that she will be taking up her first teaching post here at Alexandra, with the Pilgrim Geese!


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