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Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of Newsline

As another year draws to a close, we reflect on the last three terms at Alexandra School

What does our first full year as part of the Eden Academy look like? Read on, and find out...

The school community marked the end of the Autumn term with a terrific performance of The Grinch– written by Dan, and performed by all of the children. Most of the children performed two shows on the same day, and some of the children took part in an Alexandra production for the first time. All of the children demonstrated their courage and desire to be involved by dressing up, learning their parts, and singing with enthusiasm.

In the Spring term, the children took part in a whole day workshop. The Lions of Zululand were a visiting Cultural Exchange group, from South Africa, who sang, danced, and taught the children about life in South Africa. Once again, the whole school took part with great enthusiasm, sharing an experience that both staff and children will remember for a long time to come.

You can find out more about both of these events by logging into Fronter, via the school website. If you need a copy of your unique password, or want to know more about how to do this, please contact us in September.

Once again, the summer term was a busy programme of events for all of the children. The Year 6 shared a successful visit to France, to celebrate all that they have learned and the end of their time at Alexandra. All of the other classes took part in camp week, and every child in the school had the opportunity to join in with an adventurous activity, and camp out overnight.
Somewhere amongst all of this was a Sports Week, an Athlete of the Year champion (congratulations Reece!), and many worthy winners of a school end of year award. A special mention goes to Essie, Mohammed and Ilma who were awarded with a Golden Goose badge. The children will tell you that to earn one of these, you need to have been spotted keeping the Golden Rules on 400 occasions– they are highly prized!

Underpinning all of this achievement is the incredible support that our families continue to give to the children and the school. This year, our overall Attendance figure stands at 95.59%: the third year in a row in which the children’s attendance has shown improvement. As a result, 91% of the children met or exceeded their learning targets for Maths and English this year.
Have a great Summer! We look forward to seeing you all again for the start of a new term.

Perdy, Ivan and Catherine


Say Goodbye to...

We say good bye to seventeen children in Year 6, as they move on to secondary school. We also say goodbye to Matthew Schwimmer and Dylan Ryan, who will be moving away from Harrow. We wish our leavers luck and will miss them all. We also say goodbye to some staff:

Mariangela has worked with children of all ages at Alexandra for more than ten years. Every child and staff member who has worked with Mariangela has benefitted from her patience, understanding, and calm approach.

‘Big Dave’ Singleton has worked with us for the last two years as a teaching assistant in the Year 6 classes. Big Dave will continue travelling, before returning home to Australia later in the year. We will miss him– literally– he’s so tall, you can’t lose him! We wish him every success with his future plans.

Craig Pattinson took over as class teacher in the Barnacle Geese in the January of this year. Throughout the year, he has been a positive, smiley face, and hugely popular with the children in his class. We wish him well as he moves on to new challenges.

Laura O’Dowd has been the class teacher for the Atlantic Geese this year. The children have enjoyed their year with her, and the enthusiasm she has brought into the classroom. We wish her well with her future endeavours.


Say Hello to...

Amy Gaiger has been teaching for a number of years at Marlborough School in Harrow. She brings with her a lot of Key Stage 1 experience, and joins us to teach the Canada Geese.

Aysha Malik has been teaching for a number of years at a school in Watford. She brings with her a lot of Early Years teaching experience, and will be teaching the Snow Geese.

Joel Davies, Chloe Frinton, Simrit Juttla and Siobhan Thompson, who will all be joining us in September, to work as Learning Support Assistants.

The children start school on Tuesday, 2nd September, 2014. Don’t forget to send us a postcard from your holidays!


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