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Welcome to the Summer 2013 edition of Newsline

As another year draws to a close, we reflect on the last three terms at Alexandra School

You’d be forgiven for thinking that any one of the events described here would qualify as ‘a busy school year’. But all in one go? This year will go down as one of the most eventful in Alexandra’s history.

We began the year in the knowledge that Dennis would step down as Headteacher after more than 20 years in the post. Pinning down just when exactly this would happen was a little trickier! When the children and staff did say a final ‘Goodbye’ in the early part of the Summer Term, it was in the knowledge that OFSTED had just rated Alexandra as an Outstanding School for the third consecutive time. The way the children are taught, the progress they make as they learn, the amount of time they attend school, and the way the school is led and run, were all described as ’Inspirational’!

At the same time, other National changes led to the school re-thinking the best way it could continue to offer the best education possible. For this reason, the idea of joining the Eden Academy was born. On 9th July, after many meetings with Families, Staff and Unions, the Alexandra Governing Body voted formally to join the Eden Academy. In reality, there will be no change in how the school is run for Children, Families or Staff. This is simply the best way for Alexandra to continue to offer high quality education for Primary Children with Special Educational Needs.

In the last few weeks, Year 6 enjoyed a really successful visit to France. The rest of the school camped (almost without a drop of rain!) Some of the children’s Golden Moments are displayed in the corridors. Do look out for them when you come into school for the BBQ tomorrow.

Of course, all of these successes are only made possible because of the unique way in which all parts of the Alexandra community work together. Thank you for the way you have continued to be a part of our community by working with your children, the staff, and the school. Enjoy the Summer Sunshine. Happy Honking!

Perdy, Ivan and Catherine


Say good bye to...

We say good bye to sixteen children in Year 6, as they move on to secondary school. We wish them luck and will miss them all.

We also say goodbye to some staff:

Dave Smith has been with Alexandra since the beginning of time. Every child and staff member who has worked with Dave has benefitted from knowing him.

Vicky and Freya have worked with us this year as graduate teaching assistants. Vicky is going to start working as a Nursery Nurse in Wales. Freya is going to take on a three month internship as part of a Research Project. We wish them both the very best of success for the future. You may still see her around here from time to time.

Congratulations to Nikki Attwood who is pregnant! She will be returning home to New Zealand. We wish her the very best as she begins a new chapter, raising a family.

Nicky Chance has been a senior teacher at Alexandra for the last ten years, with a responsibility for children with ASD and Complex Needs. She takes with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, and all of our good wishes. At our School, and across schools in Harrow, she will be hugely missed. She leaves to take up a post at Pield Heath School in Uxbridge.

Leanne Hurdle joined Alexandra in January 2007. She has worked in nearly every class across the school. We will miss Leanne’s warmth, humour, knowledge and experience. She leaves to take up a leadership post in Nottingham.


Say Hello to...

Noorina Baluch will be joining us in September, to work as an LSA in the Gosling Geese.

Laura O’Dowd has been teaching for two years in Roxeth School, Harrow. She joins us to teach the Atlantic Geese in Year 5.

Clare Daltrey has been teaching for over fifteen years. She will be the teacher for the Barnacle Geese in the Autumn Term.

Hannah Thubron is a hugely experienced LSA, who has worked at Alexandra for years. Supported by Jane and Pushpa, she will lead the Pacific Geese in the Autumn Term.

Hannah Lawrence joins us a full time class teacher, having been a cover teacher here since January.

Raj Ranawat returns to us after two terms away. We are delighted to have her back.


Please come to the school barbeque tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd July. All parents are invited to join us from 11.45 a.m. for a delicious barbeque lunch and the school prize-giving ceremony. This will be the last day for the children.

On 1st September, 2013, Alexandra School formally becomes an academy. We join Moorcroft, Grangewood and Sunshine House Schools in the Eden Academy.

The children start school on Wednesday, 4th September, 2013.


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