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Welcome to the Summer 2010 edition of Newsline

At the end of the school year……

we say good bye to a record number of children. Thirty five boys and girls will be moving on to Secondary schools. This is the year when Alexandra, like all Harrow primary schools, changes the year of transfer and two cohorts from Year 6 and Year 7 leave together.
We will miss all these familiar faces but a special mention must go to Alex Dunlop who has been with us since he joined the Nursery in 2002. Alex is now a tall and confident young man and we are all proud of the progress he has made.


Attendance at School.

Our attendance target for the children is 94%. This is the national average. Unfortunately, our attendance currently is only 91.6% and we must improve on this. Many of our pupils attend school regularly but we have a number who don’t. This is what we need to do:

1. Holidays in term time have made a significant dent in our attendance rates. Family holidays - should only be taken in school holidays. Although I understand the factors which lead parents to book holidays when hotels and flights might be substantially cheaper, please also think about the effect which a long absence can have on children's progression at school. It is also sad when children miss out on opportunities to take part in special events at Christmas and at the end of school year. We are unable to authorise extended family holidays in term time any more. Please do not ask us to do so.

2. Regular medical appointments for your child’s special needs – please let us know in advance, as these can be authorised.

3. Prolonged time off school with a medical need associated with your child’s SEN— – please give us your email address and we can provide some work for your child to do. This absence can then be authorised.

4. Sickness/other absence – please tell us exactly what sickness your child has e.g. vomiting or high temperature etc. We have to say in the register why your child is absent, so please phone us, text us, write to us or use the link book Alexandra has to follow these requirements and our registers are monitored regularly by Harrow and by the Government Department for Education.

Please do your part, to help us.


Safeguarding Children

The rules on safeguarding nationally have been significantly tightened up, in the light of some recent tragedies. For us this means many things, but in particular, any parent coming on site at any time of day must sign in and collect an I.D badge. I know it seems unnecessary, but it is what we now have to do, so please cooperate with this requirement.


Carole Crocker

After a long illness,Carole Crocker passed away on June 26th, 2010. Children will remember Carole in her role as our school cook.
She always knew the children’s names and what they liked to eat. Carole also made sure that the food for Camp and the school barbeque was excellent and plentiful. We will have a minute’s silence at this year’s event to remember her.

School reopens for the new year on Wednesday September 1st. Have a great holiday!

Dennis Goldthorpe


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