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Quick Links : Harrow Schools Photography : Annual Awards : Gold Medals : Downing Street : Hellos, Goodbyes and Good Lucks

Welcome to this summer 2006 edition of Newsline. This summer the sun has shone upon us literally and metaphorically.

For the 5th year running, Alexandra pupils have been awarded top prizes in the photographic competition. The award ceremony was on Tuesday.
Sener Bozbay won the Harrow award for best black and white photo. Marcus, Jason and Aaisha were highly commended.
An Alexandra pupil also won the prize for the best colour picture – with a photo from Dhir Barcha.

Winning images in the Harrow Schools Photographic Award 2006.

Dhir Barcha’s photo of
Clarise van der Merwe
Sener Bozbay’s photo of
Marcus Clarke


Alexandra School’s Annual Awards for 2006:

Carole Rose Prize for Endeavour: Joanna Palmer

Lucy Nutt Prize for Music: Spencer Cotterell

Nicki Mitchell Prize for Progress:
(based on assessments of progress in class along the ladders of achievement)
Joint award to: Jaylan Mistry and Dante Davis

Sue Stalley award for Science: Piraseeth Kenkarajah

Terrific Trophy: Sener Bozbay

Athlete of the Year: Harry Farrell
Runners Up: Michael Freebody, Paul Ross

Gold Medals for Ashleigh, Marcus, Aaron and Hayley !

Well done to all the children who have earned Bronze and Silver Golden Rules badges. But special praise to the four pupils who have earned 200 stars for keeping our Golden Rules. This achievement and the award of the Gold Badge is a tribute to their consistently excellent standard of behaviour and to the example they set to all the other children.


Dennis Goldthorpe invited to 10 Downing Street !

One day in May, I received a letter out of the blue. It was an invitation to a drinks reception with Tony and Cherie Blair and another 99 Headteachers from all around the country.

Well, I turned up at the gates and was nearly turned away twice: once because I had not brought my passport and the second time because the security guards didn’t like my tie!

But I managed to get inside when completely unexpectedly, I bumped into the PM on the stairs. He had a few words with me, saying hello and welcome, and then looked at me expectantly. It was my turn to say something. I had prepared for this moment, but not so suddenly nor on the stairs – would I mention the war in Iraq? Or something about the disarray of the government’s special needs policies?

I opened my mouth but my brain stalled and all that I could get out were the two words, “prime minister” Oh dear what a let down. But I did enjoy the evening and laughed at all of Tony’s jokes as you can see from the photos.

I even managed to present one of Perdy and Margaret’s books to Cherie. On my way out I used the school cheque book to make a rather large donation to party funds and I am expecting an imminent summons to the House of Lords!



Although you can’t really see me, I promise I really am on these pictures. Dennis

Perdy adds: We are all really proud that Dennis was invited to meet Tone and Cher (as he now calls them!). Next time you see him – do ask him why the security guards didn’t like his tie! PBB


Hellos, Goodbyes and Good Lucks

We are expecting an unprecedented number of new children in September when the Autism Specific Enhanced (ASE) provision opens, taking our funded places up to 73.
We will be saying hello to new teachers; Helen Allison and Catherine Holdsworth who join in September not forgetting Clare Anderson who took over in the nick of time in Class F1. Charmaine has had a baby boy!

Goodbye to our 2006 leavers:

Kene Nwizu
Luke Malloy
Ashleigh Killick
Melisa Mushonga
Ricky Gami
Ahmed Ali
Joanna Palmer
Aaron Ullah
Christina Fitzmaurice
Hayley Lewington

Sadly, we say goodbye to Emily Watt. After two and a half years, Emily is moving to South London and has gained an exciting new job as the teacher responsible for IT in a nearby special needs school. We will all miss Emily’s exuberance, her energy and her unbounded enthusiasm. Farewell too, to Elspeth Riley who has taught in the Nursery this year. Elspeth is moving to a job at Northwood Prep.  

Some of you will know that Dawn has had a diagnosis
of breast cancer and is beginning a course of chemotherapy. She is likely to be away for much of the time between now and Christmas. In her very special way, Dawn’s reaction to the news was to work even harder then usual, making sure that the office, the school finances and everything else in her empire was left in tip top condition. She wouldn’t ask herself, but keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a lovely Summer.
School starts again Wednesday 6th September, 2006

Dennis Goldthorpe

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