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Welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of Newsline

A message from Perdy

This term seems to have been all about photography, fitness and food! Children, parents and staff got snapping for our photography competition: “Three of a Kind”. School Council took their role as competition judges very seriously and finally announced that the winners were:

Pupil winner: Fernando Castro
Parent winner: Carole Mullett

(To see Fernando’s and Carole’s three photographs, plus the runners up, please visit the Photo Competition Room on Fronter.)

12th-16th March was Sport Relief Week, when children and staff completed fitness challenges to raise money for charity. A special mention must go to Rahul Kothari, who completed a Sport Relief Mile. The total raised by the school for Sport Relief is £200 and rising!

As we approach the end of term, all the children are busily rehearsing for the Music and Drama Extravaganza on Wednesday 28th March, to which all parents are invited. One particular group of children, together with Amanda and Georgie, are rehearsing for another important event: Harrow’s Dance Showcase. We wish them luck with their performance on the evening of Tuesday 27th March. We know they’ll be great!

And last, but definitely not least, the new Alexandra School Cookbook, “What’s Sauce for the Goose” is at the printers now! This book includes lots of favourite, healthy recipes, submitted by families, staff and Anoushka, our cook. Congratulations to Gemma who has organised, edited and pulled the whole thing together. We hope the book will be on sale at the Music and Drama Extravaganza, so look out for it then. Something no cook or kitchen should be without!


A message from Dennis

It has been nearly 8 weeks since I went into hospital. The surgeons cut away the diseased and damaged bones around my knee and inserted a new Triathlon joint which is built with high-grade plastics and polymers . It is held in place with stainless steel pins, drilled and screwed into the bones. I wonder if I will set off the security alerts at the airport? Recovery has been harder than I expected– but then I have to realise that I am not 21 any longer.Nevertheless, I’m glad to be coming back to work!
My bionic knee

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Perdy and the rest of the team, who have so effectively kept the school running this term.

Dennis Goldthorpe

We hope you and your family enjoy the school holidays.

Don’t forget - Children are back at school on Monday 16thApril.


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