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Welcome to the Spring 2009 edition of Newsline

Changes in the Age of Transfer: Pupils to leave at the end of Year 6:

Harrow Council have decided to implement a change to the age of primary > secondary transfer. From July 2010, all children will transfer at age 11+. Alexandra School's Governors, Staff and Parents all wanted a different option whereby children could stay at Alexandra until the end of Year 7. But Council Members and Local Authority officers have decided that the change will affect all children in the borough. This means that children currently in Year 7 will leave in July 2009. Children currently in Years 5 and 6 will leave in July 2010, those in Year 4 will leave in July 2011 and so on.

Guildhall Event

I was recently invited to a fabulous lunch at the medieval Guildhall in central London. The occasion was a celebration for Headteachers from 200 Outstanding Schools. Since I was receiving the honour on behalf of the whole school, I thought I should go and make the most of the unlimited free champagne - the food was a bit too nouvelle cuisine to enjoy eating although it was great to look at. Here is a picture of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, Christine Gilbert and the back of my head! It was lovely to talk to Christine, who in days gone by was the Director of Education for Harrow and who appointed me to the job of Headteacher at Alexandra.

Goodbye Charlie Hayward

Charlie is turning over a new page at Easter, leaving Alexandra for a new job as the Deputy Head of a primary school near Bedford and moving out of London to live in a cottage in the countryside.

We will all miss her !

But we will not lose contact with Charlie and we expect at least annual visits to present the new school prize she has endowed. The CHARLIE award:

Charlie Hayward Attitude Reward for Lasting Improvement Every day....

Dennis Goldthorpe



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