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Head Teacher's News : Ten additional places in September 2006

During the last year or two we have provided space for the community dentists’ team whilst they wait for the completion of the big new building in front of us. You will probably have seen the grey system building at the end of our car park. We have now reached agreement with Harrow Council and the Health Authority to take this building over in September. This will give us space for two small classes in addition to our existing numbers.
Harrow have agreed to provide funding for 10 extra places.
We have decided to create two autism friendly classes in the grey building. We will NOT be describing this as an Autism Unit; we want all our children to be fully part of the school. It will however allow us more effectively to manage the noise and the distractions which are inevitable in the main school.
Sue Stalley and Nicky Chance are both working with the Council to make sure that the new environment is properly set up and equipped for September.

Goodbye to Chris Nash

At the end of this term Chris is moving on to an impressive new job with Wandsworth Council where he is to be their Curriculum Co-ordinator for ICT. I would like to thank Chris for the huge contribution he has made over the years. Children will remember Chris as a teacher with the flair and creativity to bring excitement into the classroom.


Class F1 News

F1 really enjoyed science week. We incorporated the topic of colour into all areas of the Curriculum including cooking. We made colour cakes where the children chose different fillings and predicted what colour they would turn once heated. Christian chose blueberries. His cake turned purple. We used coloured filters to change the way we look. Which colours do you like the best?


F2 go on a visit to London Zoo

This term as part of our geography topic class F2 went on a trip to London zoo. Although the weather was a little chilly all concerned had an excellent time. We were very lucky to have plenty of parents who were able to volunteer their time, and there were tons of smiles all round. Lets hope our trip to Aldenham Park later in the term will be nice and warm!


F3 are turning green!

This term, F3 have been growing all kinds of plants as part of our science work. We are also about to pick up our spades and march down to the school’s brand new allotment, across the road.
But we don’t just have green fingers – oh no, we’re turning green all over. Last term we learnt all about waste and recycling, and we’ve just made some posters which will start appearing all over the school to help remind us to save resources and improve our environment.

M40 with Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor, Creative Arts Teacher from Arts for Schools in Harrow has been coming to our school every Thursday since September 2005. Lucy has been working with each class for half a term. This half term it is M40’s turn. So far we have had a lot of fun working with her. We had to use our imagination!!!!. It was hard work but a lot of fun. We have been to the toy shop, farm, seaside, acted out books like The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone had to dance to the music and take turns with all the visual props. These sessions reinforced good sitting, good listening, good talking/signing, good looking and copying and turn taking. Overall every session with Lucy has been exciting and creative.


The New M5

Since half term, M5 has looked a little bit different! We decided that the class was a little bit small and that we were seriously lacking some girls in it, so we had a bit of a change around and were thrilled when Sarah, Serena and Lena came and joined us in our class. It was a bit strange for everyone at first, but after only a couple of days it was like they had always been there. Here’s what they think of our new class. Patrick likes the class now because there are more children to join in the lesson and play with at privilege time. Sarah likes it because there is lots of hard work to do! Bernard likes this class because of the subjects and topics we’re doing and he’s always liked it! Serena likes all the books in the book corner. Lena has enjoyed our DT lessons cooking bread. Jane and Charlie like having the girls in the class because it makes it much more interesting to teach!


Class M6 News

M6 have been learning about the satellites used to record and predict weather conditions. We have used Google Earth computer site to look at aerial views of our homes, school and many places around the world.
We have taken our own aerial photographs of objects around the school. Can you guess what these objects are?


M7 News

M7 have decided to give you a sneaky peak into what sort of things we get up to in class. So, first up, literacy with our in-house reporters Hayley and Aaron. “We liked learning about the Heebie Jeebies. They are monsters that come out to scare you when you least expect it. We designed our own monsters!” Next, please welcome Reece and Piraseeth reporting on swimming. “Hayley and Harry learned to swim. Swimming is fun and we jump in and get toys from the bottom.” Ellis, Christina and Ricky have written a report on maths. “In M7 we have been working hard in maths. We have been adding, counting and taking away. We like playing maths games on the computer best.” Finally Melisa has been experimenting in science and has discovered that “cress doesn’t grow in the fridge.” Thanks to all of the reporters in M7 whose fingers are always on the pulse!


We were able to take most of the children and staff to see the Old Vic’s production of Aladdin starring the fabulous Ian McKellen. Everyone enjoyed it and thoroughly loved shouting out “oh no you’re not” and “he’s behind you!”. We are very grateful to the Happy Days Charity for funding this excellent trip. Dave Smith.



New and improved M8

M8 currently consider themselves to be the luckiest class in the school! Why? Well, after just two weeks of building work, their classroom has been totally transformed!

The need for a new cupboard for Ernie and a corridor extension meant that changes need to be made to M8’s classroom. At first the children were worried that these changes would mean their classroom would be smaller and Suzy and Camille were very concerned about their cupboard being knocked down! Everyone was grumbling as they had to lug the entire contents of the classroom including tables, chairs and book shelves to the P.E. hall –this certainly was hard work.

They soon found out that all the lifting and carrying was definitely worth it, and they needn’t have worried. Joanna describes the finished room as better than ever and Luke says it is the perfect size. Ashleigh loves the new classroom and Suzy and Camille are delighted as their new cupboard is double the size of their old one. However, the final word has to go to Spencer Cotterell who describes the new room as awesome.



A conservation measure. In future Newsline will be available on our new web site which will go live after Easter. If you have internet access and can manage without a paper copy, please send us an email to giving your name and saying “electronic Newsline please”

Happy Easter from all the staff!

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