Key Stage 1 & 2

In their time at Alexandra, we want our pupils to acquire knowledge, and use and apply that knowledge to both demonstrate and further their own understanding.

We believe that the children will not only value what they learn, but come to love the process of learning together.

Headteacher, Alexandra School


In Key Stages 1 and 2, planning is drawn from the National Curriculum, which the teachers differentiate and modify to suit the needs and to develop the strengths of the children they teach. The classes study all subjects from the National Curriculum. Class timetables show that some lessons might be shorter than in mainstream, to suit the attention and concentration skills of the children.

Sessions to develop the children's social, emotional and physical skills are woven into the timetable, for example with morning tasks to develop fine motor skills, or circle time sessions. Otherwise, class timetables look very similar to those that would be found in a mainstream primary school, with daily English and Maths, and the full range of subjects represented.

Phonics and Reading Schemes

We use Pearson Active Learn Phonics Bug across the school. We do not faithfully follow any one reading scheme, but instead draw on a range of resources to meet the needs of our pupils. We are guided by the objectives from the National curriculum and teach these through focus texts, chosen to engage the children's interest.


Each classroom has an interactive white board and two computers. There is also a computer suite with enough computers for a whole class and a set of tablets which can be used for cross-curricular work in classrooms. Each class has at least two lessons in the computer suite per week. The use of ICT is encouraged and developed throughout the school.

The school has a Food Technology room, which is used not just for Food Technology lessons but also to develop the children's life skills. There is a well-equipped music room, used for curriculum music lessons, 1:1 music lessons and choir.

The children participate in a wide range of PE. Our youngest children swim weekly throughout the year. Older classes swim for a term each year. The PE hall and main hall at school are used for gymnastics, dance, yoga and trampoline sessions. The outdoor Sportzone is used for football, basketball and other team games. All classes take part in a Daily Mile.