Early Years

Our Early Years Foundation Scheme class is known as the Goslings class and contains children in Reception and Year 1. Many of our Year 1 pupils benefit from the opportunity to remain in EYFS for that additional year, before moving on to Key Stage 1. 



In Goslings, we provide a well-balanced and appropriately resourced Early Years curriculum making full use of both the inside and outside environments.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which is differentiated to meet the children's needs.  Each term our learning follows a  topic, which is developed through the interests of the children in order to ensure engagement in learning.  Children's learning and progress is recorded in their Learning Journeys as well as in maths and literacy books.

Daily routine

The Goslings class timetable follows a similar structure every day.  Play is an important part of this routine where the children learn to make choices, take turns and develop social skills. The Goslings class join the whole school for assemblies, lunches and play-times, further developing their social skills. Independence is encouraged, for example by teaching the children to ask for help, encouraging them to changing their clothes for PE, and asking them to look after their own bags and belongings.

Working together

We work closely with parents who are invited in throughout the year, as well as Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals. Working together in this way, we support the children to make the best start possible to their primary education.