Children at Alexandra School make outstanding progress in all aspects of their learning; the assessment systems are in place to ensure that each of our children progresses to the best of their ability.


Active assessment

Children take an active part in assessment, on a daily basis through discussions about their work and the progress they have made. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, growing to understand, and potentially contribute to, their personal targets in all aspects of their education.


Assessment systems

National assessment systems are used, dovetailed into Alexandra Progress Ladders, helping us to target and measure children’s progress over a period of time. Our Progress Ladders cover both the core curriculum, and the broader social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning.


Sharing assessment

Assessment information is shared regularly with parents, communicated via each child’s individual ‘Learning Journey’.

These personal documents detail annual targets, a breakdown of smaller steps of progress, and celebrate the journey our children have made over the course of a year.