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Curriculum and Assessment
We believe that all children have an entitlement to a broad curriculum including the arts, sciences, and personal and social education as well as basic skills in literacy and numeracy. Our curriculum plans are made to be inclusive for children who have difficulties in learning; primarily associated with mild to moderate cognitive difficulties and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We aim that, as a minimum, all our children will develop the ability to read and have survival skills with numbers. For some children, achievement will go way beyond that. All children are given individual learning targets every term. These are the basis of the school’s Individual Education Plans which are shared with parents. Our planning takes account of children who learn more slowly than their peers, who will need a curriculum differentiated to allow slower progress, somewhat less coverage of content and more overlearning of key skills and concepts. For some children, the development of independence and self care skills will be especially important.

We communicate in a variety of ways: through spoken language, through sign supported speech and through the use of symbols. To be able to communicate or to have the ability to develop that skill is critical. Through communication we ask children to think about how they and other people are feeling. We ask them to develop the skill of reflection and to think about on what they have been doing in school or what has been happening in the world outside.

In addition to the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, we provide opportunities for children to take part in a wide range of learning activities which are also part of the school curriculum including:

Swimming - we aim for children to be able to swim 10 metres by the time they are 11. All classes swim for at least a term each year.

Modern Foreign Language - children learn French from the summer term of year 4 onwards. The French they learn is put into good practice during the year 6 residential trip to France.

Information Technology - all the class rooms are equipped with modern computers and software which is designed to enable children to become confident users of ICT.

Sex and Relationship Education - this is taught in Year 6. See the policy below.

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