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Health and Welfare
First Aid - Several members of staff are qualified in First Aid. In the event of a minor accident or if your child feels unwell at school, he or she will be cared for in the medical room until arrangements can be made for them to return home. If a more serious accident occurs we will ring an ambulance, accompany the child to hospital and inform you.

Medication - Generally we consider that if a child is in need of medicine in school they are not well enough to be here. However, there may be exceptions. Only medication prescribed by the doctor should be sent to school. It must be in the original package if possible and in all cases be clearly labelled with child’s name and dosage instructions.
Non prescribed drugs and medicines will not be administered in school.

Pupils with long term complex needs - will be supported by the school, in partnership with parents and the Health Authority in order to avoid interruption to attendance at school.

Attendance and absence - Alexandra School regularly rewards children for good attendance. We write to parents during the year to keep them informed about their child's attendance. If your child is ill or absent from school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. Please note that the school cannot grant permission for children to be absent from school for family holidays.

Monitoring attendance - It is important that these procedures are followed if any absence is to be classified as “authorised” on the attendance register.





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