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The following items of uniform are available from the school office.



PE Top
£ 5.00

PE Bag
Book Bag

Each year we have a competition to design a school mug. Sometimes we also use the winning design on another item: in the past we have produced a school flag, a shopping bag, a school tie, an apron and a cookbook.

What's Sauce for the Goose

Alexandra School Mug and Apron 2010

Modelled here by Gemma and the designer!

School Mug 2009
Our School Building
School Mug 2008
My Friend and Me
School Mug and Bag 2007
Design for School Flag

Alexandra School Tie 2006

Modelled here by Dennis and the designer!

School Mug 2006
School Mug 2005
School Mug 2004
School Mug 2003
School Tie Design
Flying with Geese
Learning Together
Our School Logo





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